What sort of careers can you pursue with a degree in Criminal Justice?

Below are some of the career paths you may consider as with a Criminal Justice degree. We're only scratching the surface of opportunities available:


Combining sociology and criminal justice, career paths available in the criminology field include: criminologist, forensic psychologist, or penologist. 


Through the lens of social justice, you may find a career in criminal justice by working in the courts system as a: bailiff, court clerk, judge*, attorney*, or law librarian.


Professionals in law enforcement may work as uniformed officers, investigators, or in support roles in various agencies. Some of the jobs in this area include: forensic accountant*, CIA agent, computer forensics*, counter terrorism expert, crime scene investigator, FBI agent, compliance officer, IRS agent, cyber security expert, or immigration agent, to name just a handful.


Enforcement of punishments along with rehabilitation of criminals is another area you may pursue with a Criminal Justice degree. Some of the positions you could hold, include: corrections officers, juvenile probation counselor, correctional treatment specialist, probation officer, or substance abuse counselor.

*May require additional and/or advanced degree work.