This trip to Sligo, Ireland, offered in even years (e.g. 2014, 2016, etc.), affords MBA students and undergraduate School of Management majors the opportunity to explore the fascinating country of Ireland. We arrive in Shannon, Ireland to begin our exploration by visiting Bunratty Castle and the Cliffs of Moher as we travel to Sligo. We reside on the campus of Innisfree International College & Convention Centre, where we attend classes, enjoy several sightseeing tours, (including a trip to Dublin) and experience the culture and ambience of Ireland. Each day includes a new adventure and concludes with a visit to a local pub to reflect on the day’s activities. This program is an excellent opportunity for an international experience.

The Location

Sligo, Ireland is the second largest urban area in Connacht (after Galway). It has a population of 18,000 (as of 2006). Sligo is situated in the north west of Ireland set within magnificent scenery of mountain rivers, fronting the Atlantic Ocean. The town is the capital of the North West and is located at the mouth of Sligo Harbour on the Garavogue River. The nearest city of similar size is Derry, located over 80 miles (120kms) away. The town is the administrative, commercial and industrial capital of the County and region.

For more information, please visit the Borough of Sligo website.


MBA students take the following course in the Spring:

MBA 738 – Global Business

This course examines selected topics in conducting business in a global setting. We begin with the forces that determine the globalization of a firm and industry. This analysis leads us to further examination of nation-specific, region-specific, industry-specific, and firm-specific factors that determine the success of global business. To apply these theoretical frameworks, we will look at a country or region in depth and analyze its economy, institutions, industries and firms. We then develop a basic conceptual framework to formulate strategy to conduct business in that particular country or region. 3 credits

This 3-credit MBA elective course allows you to integrate class room knowledge with hands on field experience in the international setting. This course counts toward the 36-credits required for the MBA degree.

School of Management majors take one of the following in the Spring:

BSM 203 - Global Management and Organizational Behavior

A continued study of domestic and global management principles and the managerial application of the behavioral sciences as related to modern organizations. Students will explore the dynamics of interpersonal relations for individual and group productivity,motivation, organizational design, leadership effectiveness, and the management of diverse groups. Students will also critically examine research processes related to behavioral science in organizations. 3 credits  

BSM 413 - Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

An analysis of the role of business in society. Topics include the role of business within the community, the relationship of business with government, and the regulatory environment. The issues studied will involve both market and non-market decisions which have social, political, and ethical ramifications. Also, the effect of values and cultural norms on managerial decision-making and how this relates to managers facing a global environment and diverse workforce will be analyzed. 3 credits

Program Dates

  • One Week in June 

Program Costs and Fees

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