Carlow University is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, and it is named after Carlow, Ireland – which is home to Carlow College. Carlow University has a unique, rich, and interesting connection to Ireland through through the founding Sisters of Mercy. Below lists a timeline of significant milestones and tracks Carlow's Irish connections through present day.


1793—Founding of St Patrick's Carlow College, in Carlow, Ireland.

1831—Founding of Sisters of Mercy by Sister Catherine McAuley in Baggott Street, Dublin, Ireland.

1837—Father Andrew Fitzgerald, PhD, President of St. Patrick's Carlow College, welcomes the Sisters of Mercy. The sisters founded St. Leo's Convent on property adjacent to the College. The school, established in 1837 for the education of young girls, continues to thrive today.

1843—Mother Frances Warde and six Sisters of Mercy left Carlow, Ireland, for City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with the first Bishop of Pittsburgh, Michael O'Connor, PhD. Just as the city and diocese were taking shape the first Mercy community in the United States was being founded in Pittsburgh.

2007—Carlow University sponsors the first Carlow Roundtable, a gathering, in Carlow, Ireland, of representatives from Mercy colleges and universities for the purpose of probing together the distinctive characteristics of a Mercy education.

Today—Carlow University stays connected to its Irish heritage by engaging in many education and cultural events and activities. From Study Abroad programs to Irish music celebrations, Carlow University continues to embrace and appreciate its Irish roots.