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    When they're not on the court, the men's basketball team takes time to volunteer in the Pittsburgh community.
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  • Coach Tim Keefer 
    Head Coach Tim Keefer has more than 30 years' experience coaching and training athletes. Find out more about Carlow University's first men's basketball coach. 

  • Mens Basketball Jump Shot 2015

    Carlow University is thrilled to announce a new men's basketball team for the 2014-15 season! Play your way into Carlow history by being a part of the first men’s basketball program. Want to join us? Here's what you can expect:

    • Experienced coaching. Our coaches have collegiate coaching experience and have proven record of success with start-up of an intercollegiate basketball program! They understand the game and importance of academic progress and growth.
    • Academic support.  Carlow is a learner-centered environment where your education is specific to your learning style. You'll get personalized attention from faculty who will work with you so you can travel and compete without falling behind in your classes. You get one academic credit for each year you participate in intercollegiate athletics!
    • NAIA and USCAA affiliation. Carlow belongs to two national governing athletic associations, the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and the United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA). These organizations provide you with two opportunities to receive awards for both athletic and academic accomplishments and doubles the chance of post-season tournament participation. And within the NAIA, Carlow is a member of the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (KIAC) the first NAIA conference in the nation and longest running affiliated conference in the NAIA. As an affiliated conference, the winner of the conference title is a direct qualifier to the NAIA national men’s basketball tournament!

     Mens Basketball Dribbling 2015

    •  Scholarships and aid. Athletic scholarships and competitive financial aid packages are available. We have numerous options to help make your education affordable. And we are one of only two small colleges in Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania who offer athletic scholarships! Carlow is more affordable than you think. In a recent review, Carlow is rated in the top 20 most affordable “Bang for the Buck” institutions. The cost of higher education is always a factor but at Carlow our financial aid packaging and discount rates make attending here, a slam dunk!
    • Dedicated training. We have an on-campus fitness center with specific hours reserved for use by our student-athletes. You can train with your team and coaches so you can reach your sport and training goals and develop strong ties with your teammates.

    Mens Basketball Shot 2015