Art Major: Concentration in Photography

  •  Black & white photo by Laura Kahl
    Black and white photo by Laura Kahl

    Do you see the world through a lens? If you are always capturing life to communicate a unique point of view—your point of view?

    What can I do with a photography degree?

    There are many careers you can go into with a solid photography background: freelance photographer, photojournalist, digital retoucher, production assistant or manager, or studio manager.

    What will I learn as a photography major?

    Working with instructors who are photography professionals, you’ll start by covering the fundamentals of composition, lighting, darkroom techniques, color and design. You’ll sharpen your creative edge and grow technically as your education helps you grow your set of skills, from using digital-imaging software programs to scouting locations for photo shoots to understanding the business side of the industry.

    In today’s ever-changing world, technical proficiency alone is rarely enough for success. Concentrations in photography are offered in collaboration with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh (AIP). They combine the strength of a diverse liberal arts education and a strong art foundation gained at Carlow University with a concentration at the state-of-the-art computer studios of a leading technical arts school. Students in these programs go beyond mere technical proficiency to a well-rounded education.

    Major Requirements: 25 credits + 30 Carlow credit equivalents at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh

    AR 101, AR 102, AR 111, AR 221, AR 227, AR 240, AR 311, AR 330, AR 421, WS 209, plus 30 Carlow credit equivalents at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, as specified by the program undertaken.  

  • Major:



    Bachelor of Arts


    Main Oakland Campus
    Art/Photography Specialization