We would like the Commencement experience to be enjoyable for all attendees. If you or one of your guests/party will be in a wheelchair, on crutches, or otherwise have a special need, please note that the following accommodations have been made:



Parking and Entrance:
Handicapped guests can use the ramped entrance at the side in the parking lot.  There is very limited parking in this lot, so please arrive early.  One of our staff can direct you to the handicapped accessible restrooms.

Call 412.578.8821 for information.


Parking and Entrance:
There is an entrance with a wheelchair ramp on the west side of the building, on University Place. This entrance is in a small parking lot where guests may be dropped off, but you may not park your vehicle in this lot. There are metered handicapped parking spaces on University Place and Bigelow Boulevard.

A Commencement volunteer will be stationed at the handicapped entrance to direct you. If you enter the building at the handicapped entrance, you will be entering into the same area where the graduates line up. Please allow for the fact that the hallway will be crowded.

Wheelchair seating is in the front right and front left of the auditorium. If you enter the building from the handicapped entrance, proceed to the lobby, and enter the auditorium from that entrance. The auditorium has a sloped floor.

Handicapped Seating Reservation Form:
Please submit this handicapped seating reservation form to request reserved seats for your guests who have a disability or need assistance with seating. This courtesy service is available to anyone who may need assistance due to age, illness, physical limitations, or frailty, and is not limited to those who use wheelchairs.

Accessible restrooms are on the third floor: the men’s restroom is on the west side of the building, and the ladies’ restroom is on the east side of the building. There is an elevator next to both the east and west staircases in the front lobby. 

If you have any questions about handicapped accommodations, please email or call 412.578.8821.