Sunita Mondal joined Carlow in Fall of 2008 as an adjunct faculty of the MBA programs. Dr. Mondal received her PhD in Economics from the University of Pittsburgh in August 2009. Her main areas of research are analyzing the effects of public policies on labor market outcomes. She is an applied microeconomics and econometrics researcher with expertise in labor economics and public policies.

Awards and Honors 
Outstanding Paper Presentation Award, The 9th Annual Arts and Sciences Grad Expo, University of Pittsburgh, March 2009
Full tuition scholarship and stipend. University of Pittsburgh, 2003-2009
Arts & Sciences Research Fellowship awarded to promising graduate student researcher. University of Pittsburgh. Spring 2008 and Fall 2007
GSO and GPSA Travel Grants, University of Pittsburgh, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, 2009
Full Scholarship as an Outstanding Undergraduate Student (from the State Government). Jadavpur University, India. B.A. 1998-2001

Presentations and Conferences  
Eastern Economic Association 36th Annual Conference, February 26-28, 2010
Society of Labor Economists, 14th Annual Meeting, Boston. May 8-9, 2009
The 9th Annual Arts and Sciences Grad Expo, University of Pittsburgh. March 16, 2009
Midwest Economics Association, 71st Annual Meeting. Minnesota. March 23-25, 2007
New Teaching Assistant Orientation Workshop, Center for Instructional Development & Distance Education, University of Pittsburgh, September 2008, September 2007 and January 2007

Research Interests

  • Labor and family economics: conducting empirical research on the evaluation of public policy programs implemented at the federal and state level of the government on employment and labor force participation rates. Analyzing how changes in government policies affect family formation. 
  • Technology: Effect of the use of technology in classrooms on student engagement and learning. Measuring the effects of using a (clicker-less) live audience polling and social networks on students’ learning, engagement, and course satisfaction.