Art Therapy Preparation

Figuring out a career goal can take time—and that's okay. Through patience and persistence, Veronica Dealmeida discovered a program that was the perfect fit: Carlow's Bachelor of Arts degree in Art Therapy Preparation

Carlow transferred credits from her previous studies in liberal arts, which put her that much closer to completing a degree.

"I'm an adult transfer student. I was getting a good education for the price at community college, but I was looking for a good experience—that's where Carlow came in," says Dealmeida.

Always inclined in the creative arts, Dealmedia is now a student in Carlow's Art Department and is active in campus life.

"When I came to campus I felt this was for me. There is a close-knit community where I feel I'm a part of something," she says.

Her program's psychology courses will prepare her to achieve her dream of helping people through therapy one day. She rises to the challenge of completing an interdisciplinary degree. If she ever feels overwhelmed, she takes a deep breath—and asks for help.

"I know that Carlow has my back," she says. "I can go to certain places and certain people and they'll help me. Carlow is always open about who to reach—and because niceness is 'a thing' here you're not afraid to ask!"

Carlow's Art Department offers a full range of concentrations in traditional and new media. Check out the major and minor available to get your creative juices flowing.

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