Celebrate Black History Month with the Black Student Union

Activities throughout the month of February

Carlow's Black Student Union has a lot of great programming for Black History Month. Check out the schedule:

February 10th: Represent Your Heritage Day

February 14th: Diversity Cupcakes @ 7pm in the Campus Assembly Room

February 15th: Well Dressed Wednesday

February 16th: Food for the Soul: Lunch & Dinner at Tiernan dining hall

February 20th: Bae Goals @ 7pm in the Campus Assembly Room

February 21st: Poetry Slam with the Red Dog Reading Series @ 7pm on the 2nd floor of the University Commons

February 23rd: What Does it Mean to be Black panel in collaboration with Yemaya Pittsburgh @ 6pm 2nd floor of the Commons

February 25: Steal City Step Show @ 6pm at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall

February 28th: Natural Hair Day from 6:30pm to 8pm at the Campus Assembly Room     

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