Staff Spotlights: Wendy Phillips and Nicholas Hudek

Get to know two of our staff members.


Staff Spotlight: Wendy Phillips

In an effort to get to know one another, the Staff Council will be inviting staff members to share a little bit about themselves. Each month two staff members will be randomly selected to be featured in the "Staff Spotlight".

Wendy Philips

1) What do you do at Carlow?

Director of Graduate Admissions and the Greensburg/Cranberry Education Centers

2) What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t at Carlow?

Of course, spending time with my husband Don and two daughters, Amber and Carly, is the number one thing I enjoy most. Since my husband and I are now officially “empty nesters.” It is always great to get everyone back together, which can be quite a feat with all of our schedules. Taking a Zumba class comes in as my second favorite thing to do!

3) Summer picnic-hotdogs or hamburgers-you can only have one!:

Definitely, hamburgers! Was never a big fan of hamburgers until I was pregnant with my first daughter, that was my only craving. Have not looked back…love them now!

4) First best friend:

Meet Susie in ballet class while in fifth grade. We hit it off from the start because we both didn’t like the class, and our parents made us take it. We have been best friends ever since. She has lived all over the US, and currently in Rhode Island, but every time she comes home to Ligioner or I go to visit, we pick up where were left off many years ago.

5) What is something that you’ve always wanted to know more about?

Medicine. My freshman year of college I was a nursing major. Quickly realized that was not the career for me, but have always been fascinated with the health sciences. Actually, looked into studying mortuary science my sophomore year of college.

Nicholas Hudek

1) What do you do at Carlow?

I am a Communications Officer with the police department here at Carlow. Simply put I am one of the officers that maintains the radio traffic for the police. 

2) What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t at Carlow?

My favorite thing to do when I'm not at work is actually go to what I consider a second job with my fire department. I have been a volunteer firefighter for almost 7 years and I have loved everything about this "job." I have worked so hard to go through over 300 hrs of training and become a Captain with my department in Penn Hills.

3) If the Steelers didn’t exist, who would you root for and why?

Actually, surprising as it is I don't like the Steelers. I know, I know, but I live in Pittsburgh right? Well when I was growing up my father liked a player by the name of Doug Flutie and he played for the San Diego Chargers. With that influence I actually grew up cheering and loving the Chargers. Now I do cheer for the Steelers because I do love this city and it's what you do when you live in Pittsburgh whether you support the teams or not. But if the Steelers weren't around I would have no problem supporting my Chargers.

4) Summer picnic-hotdog or hamburgers-you can only have one!

Throwing you for another loop here, I actually dislike both foods. I could never explain why but when it comes to hotdogs or hamburgers at picnics i do not like either so I would choose neither.

5) What is your favorite season and why?

My favorite season is winter actually. I love the cold and everything about the snow. I love to go snowboarding and walk around in the beautiful-ness of the snow and this city.

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