A Creative Career

A graduate can go far with the right major combined with a strong liberal arts background.

Katie Crawford '09, Art Major with a concentration in Graphic Design

Katie Crawford '09 remembers being in high school and thinking about her next steps. When selecting a college it came down to a few basic but important questions: Where is it located? Does it have the right major for me? Does it have that certain something?

Crawford wanted to major in graphic design but also wanted a traditional foundation in art. A strong writer, she wanted a creative writing minor, too.

"The first time I visited Carlow, everyone was so friendly. I liked the small campus situated right in the heart of Oakland. I felt right away that it was a good fit for me," Crawford says.

Today, the tables have turned for Crawford. As a graphic designer in Carlow's Marketing and Communications Department, it's her job to show prospective students why Carlow could be the right school for them.

"My first job after graduating from college was at a print and marketing firm where I worked on a very wide range of projects. I was like a short-order cook, but the graphic designer version. It was a good experience professionally but wasn't where I wanted to be ultimately."

Crawford is a central member of a creative team that produces brochures, posters, social media, digital advertisements, and a variety of other publications for Carlow. She says it is meaningful work in the nonprofit sector for an employer she respects. She's been on staff for two years.

She feels well equipped for her career because of the preparation she gained from the liberal arts curriculum along with her major.

"Your education becomes a part of you. If you can gain an understanding of history, math, and science, then you will draw upon that knowledge to make better decisions. My creative writing minor, for example, I don't explicitly need as a graphic designer, but I apply it when I'm designing a brochure or laying out a magazine," Crawford says.

She adds: "Whatever you end up doing, it helps to be more aware of the world around you."

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